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GODec 2006 - Jan 2007, No. 15-001
Minstrels Season
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by Timothy Jacobs

Timothy Jacobs with daughter Pashlyn
Timothy Jacobs
with daughter Pashlyn
January 1, New Year’s Day, the people of Cape Town and visitors are wished a happy New Year with the magical music sound of the Kaapse Klopse (Cape Town Minstrels). Thousands of people dressed in their satin uniforms and painted faces greet the thousands of people from the rest of South Africa and the world with the wonderful Goema music.

Francisco Jacobs, captain of Hout Bay Entertainers, said, “The carnival is firmly entrenched in the culture and heritage of the Cape Town community. The tradition has its origin when slaves, our forefather and foremothers, were allowed to relax on Sundays, marched in the streets, played instruments and sang wonderful songs.”

Jacobs continues, “The competition started 99 years ago and the influence of the music has its origins in the African rhythm, Malay slaves and African-American sailors who docked here in the in the 20th century. It continues every Saturday in January at two different venues.”

The different troupes marched every year on Tweede Nuwejaar (2 January) from Darling Street into Adderley and Wales Streets and end in the Bo-Kaap in Cape Town.

Joseph Cloete, another captain, said, “It is sad that for the last three years we did not have any sponsors and members of the Hout Bay Entertainers joined with the Schotse Kloof Glamour Boys.”

They appeal to businesses for sponsorships to start and enter the Hout Bay Entertainers. A group of 350 persons needs an estimated R120 000 to cover the cost of registration, material, hats, umbrellas, choir and band conductors, singers, venue hiring, transport, the brass band and drum majors.

The group have started a brass band to keep youngsters in Hangberg, Hout Bay away from drugs and crime and an estimated R17 000 is needed to buy the instruments. “We need a good Samaritan to make a difference in the life of our youngsters by donating towards this positive cause”, says Cloete.

The benefit that a business would get is naming and branding rights on stands, umbrellas and display of your banners. They would also be available to do promotional appearances at any activity that the business wishes to present.

It is tradition to have a Klops Table where members are served with refreshments and snacks after a day at the competition and the Glamour Boys thank the following businesses and individuals for their contribution:

South African Breweries, JC Fishing (PTY) Ltd., Johanna Cloete, Dorothy Mathews, Michael Baartman, Jastine Jacobs, Shireen Mathews, Fuad Jacobs, Nadeema Jacobs, Natalie Mathews, Isaac James, David October and Sandra Da Siva.

The Hout Bay Entertainers can be contacted at

Tel.: +27 (0) 21 791-4822

Source: News Dec 2006 - Jan 2007
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